Sunday, December 18, 2011

Santa's Workshop

 I apologize for taking so long to post again, but things have been rather hectic around here! As Mitchell starts UPT tomorrow, I thought now was as good a time as any to update everyone on what's been happening in the Etheridge household.

Over the past few weeks, Mitchell has been building a lovely buffet table for our home! He had been wanting to build something for a rather long time now and I just happened to stumble upon this amazing wood working website through Pintrest! This site has TONS of free plans for all kinds of different wood working projects ranging from beginner to advanced builders. I casually mentioned that I liked this particular table and within 24 hours we were on our way to Home Depot! Here are some photos of the building process...


The first cut! Nice BCGs huh ;)
Getting there.

Almost done!
After the stain and paint! 
All done!!!

For our first project, it turned out pretty well I think! We are still working on the drawers, as you can see they are a little lopsided. If you've ever built anything, you know that making your own drawers is a very tricky process (or at least it has been for us). And we also need to paint the feet ;)  I'm also planning on "antiquing" it after the paint has about a week to dry. I'll post a completed photo once the table is completely done! It's fits perfectly in our little home and I'm so proud of my sweet husband who built this as my Christmas present! It was certainly a learning process for us both, but it was a ton of fun making it.

Other than spending the past few weeks making this little beauty, we have been busy this holiday season! Mitchell has been working and getting ready to begin UPT tomorrow (Yipee) and I too have been working a good deal at the store. We are both so so very excited that we are going home in less than a week and look forward to spending the holidays with our friends and family back in Georgia! Any and all prayers and thoughts would be greatly appreciated as Mitchell and I both prepare for what is sure to be a crazy, fun, ands stressful year as he begins pilot training in less than 24 hours. Happy Holidays to all! 


The Etheridges

P.S. A HUGE Congratulations to the Emerys who just found out they are having a sweet little addition to their family! So happy for you both ;)

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  1. That is so awesome!! I love the buffet table :) I wish we had more room in our house b/c I just love that design...especially the wine rack on the bottom! Good luck Mithcell! And safe travels home! Tell GA hello for us!