Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Ok, the title may be a little misleading since we are BARELY moved in and have yet to really make this new house our "home", but it's well on its way! We got to Del Rio on Wednesday, signed the lease, and began unloading the U-haul. Let me just say this, I honestly did not remember that we had this much stuff! When the movers arrived today with all our items from Colorado I was horrified and began scrambling to find "homes" for all the boxes and furniture! All in all though I think we are well on our way to getting everything in the right place and settling in! With all that said, things have been a little rough on me personally the past few days. I think all the emotional and physical stress of moving has really taken a toll on me and i've been missing my mamma a lot. This is the first move without her and it's been extra tough not having her here to help my settle in or to just call when I have a free moment to just hear her comforting voice on the other line. Despite having Mitchell and all the support surrounding me, it almost feels a little lonely. I'm hoping though, that once this place feels more like home and we get settled in these feelings will subside and things will get better :) Sorry for the sob story and here are some photos of the new house which I know some of you have been waiting to see...

Our First Home!

View from the front!

View from the back!

The living area! 

I'll post more pictures of the inside soon! Naturally we aren't even close to having everything finished and decorated, but when we do I will post some of those "after" photos as well!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the Road Again

So we FINALLY made it to Texas! After spending the night in New Orleans with Mitchell's great aunt (which was wonderful) we headed out for our "new" state this morning bright and early! We said our goodbyes once we passed thorough Louisiana, which I was rather sad about since we were saying a sad farewell to the deep south. Thankfully we have had a rather uneventful trip and have only had a good bit of rain to contend with. We are planning on heading straight in to Del Rio tonight, getting there around 9 pm, so that Mitchell can check in early tomorrow morning before we head over to the housing office :) We are both so excited and rather nervous at the same time to see what awaits us. Although our expectations aren't to high when  it comes to the Del Rio area we are both really looking forward to getting settled into our new home and meeting some wonderful people at Laughlin! Here are some photos from the drive so far...

Winston was more than ready to head off to Texas :)

Mitchell and I love to start all of our road  trips with
 Chick Fil A for breakfast! It's the only way to go ;)

Along with not having pretty much
 EVERY restaurant that we like in Del Rio,
there won't be a Zaxby's anywhere in Texas, so we said
 our last goodbye to them for a while

The boat all packed up and ready for the move!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Packing, Packing, and More Packing

So, Mitchell and I have spent the entire week so far packing away. It's been a bit of a madhouse around here and it never seems like we are going to get everything to fit inside the oh so tiny 6x12 U-Haul. Mitchell is rather skeptical, but I think we can pull it off ;) Those things seem to be bottomless pits! We have been running all over Macon and Atlanta getting last minute things that we can't get in Del Rio (meaning everything we might need for the next few months) and, as you'll see below, ENORMOUS bags of animal food since there aren't any specialty dog food stores near us. Mitchell insists on the good stuff for Winston and the kitty, which means no easy trips to Wal-Mart for that. The past few days have been VERY hectic to say to say the least and I know the next three days are going to be as well, before we head off to Texas on Monday. It is a stressful fun filled 20 hour drive  with a drama queen dog and an obese cat, meaning prayers for safe travels are always appreciated! We plan on arriving at Laughlin AFB on the 27th and moving into our NEW HOUSE (Eeeep, I'm so excited) that afternoon. We are both so so excited about heading off. The only bitter sweet thing is wishing that my mom was here to see us off and help us figure out all the mess that we still have left to pack! She was always the best at packing and moving! Anyways, here are a few photos to hold everyone over until we actually get on the road...

Our new washer!! I'm way way too excited about this!
I'll post more pictures of it once we get moved in :)

Obviously the kids are set to go in case of a
worldwide famine...

The MOUNDS of boxes...for my Harry Potter fans it
vaguely reminds me of the Room of Requirement
(nerd moment)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Forever And Always

Ok here are our wedding pictures, finally! I know, I know, it's taken us a while to get these out to everyone, but with the honeymoon (which I'll add a post about later) and getting ready to move to Texas, it's been a little hectic around here to say the least! I hope everyone enjoys them as much as Mitchell and I have :) A HUGE thank you to the Schroeder family for finding us a photographer at the (literally) last minute. We were simply in awe when we saw everything come together in less than 24 hours. If you head back down to my first post you can get the background story for the wedding, in case any of you are thinking things look a little different from our original wedding that was planned for Atlanta. I still cannot believe that after 5.5 years of dating, four of which were spent with Mitchell at USAFA, we are FINALLY married! I am so very blessed to be married to my best friend :) I'm in the process of uploading the rest of the photos to my Facebook and Flikr accounts which you can access to the right under "our adventures"! Enjoy!

Our first look! 

The groomsmen ;)

The amazing women and men (pic. below)
who helped create our wedding day!

Sunday, July 17, 2011

My Wonderful Husband!

About 2 days after our wedding, after my mother's funeral to be exact, Mitchell expressed his desire to have a believers baptism. He grew up Methodist, meaning that he was baptized as a baby but had never had a true believers baptism, like us Southern Baptists ;) I was overjoyed to say the least and could not have been more proud of him! The Lord has worked within Mitchell and me over the past month or so and I was so excited when he told me about professing the Lord as his savior through a believers baptism. I will post more pictures later when we get them from the church! A big thank you to Mr. Carl (our officiant and close friend) for taking Mitchell under his wing the past few years and helping BOTH of us grow in our walk with the Lord!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

My Sweet Mother

I'm not intending to start this blog off on a sad note, but I thought who better to dedicate this new adventure of mine to than my sweet mother? As most of you know she passed away on June 3rd, just two days before Mitchell and I planned on getting married. As we were packing up to head to the hotel in Atlanta, she had a sudden heart attack and was gone from us almost instantly. I cannot even begin to describe what that day was like. We all had gone from being elated that Mitchell and I were getting married so soon, to being devastated by her lose in a matter of seconds. 

My mother was one of the most beautiful, sweetest, kindest, faithful, and God loving people I have ever known. Her love for the lord was overwhelming and she lived everyday to serve him! Although she is no longer with me on Earth, I know she is constantly keeping watch over me and with me every step of this new journey I am about to embark on as a AF wife! 

I would also like to give a HUGE thank you to all the men and women who made our wedding happen! We decided to have a small ceremony in the back yard of my father's house the day after my mother passed away. It was perfect in every way! Without these amazing women and men who pulled our wedding together within 24 hours, I don't know what we would have done! The Lord has blessed both Mitchell and I with such amazing friends and family! Thank you all so much again.

I miss you so much mamma, but I know you are in a peaceful place and always with me...

My wonderful mother

The day I left for my freshman year of college

I am so thankful that she got to see Mitchell graduate

I love you mamma, always