Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Baby Faves {6-9 Months}

With C's 9 month birthday fast approaching I thought I would go ahead and share some of her and our favorite items that we've discovered over the past few months from 6 months and up. These are a few items that I've really come to love!

These have been a lifesaver for us as it's gotten colder and colder in Virginia, and Georgia, while we've been home. C HATES to keep shoes on her feet and will rip off her socks, or crawl out of them, in about five seconds flat. These things are the only thing that will stay on her feet and keep her little tootsies nice and toasty. They are a bit pricey in my opinion but well worth it. She got a set from Santa (aka grandma) and we loved them so much that we bought her a second pair within the same week. 

Love, love, love these things. C has already had a few colds this winter and the first few rounds I attempted to just use tissues or baby wipes to get rid of those nasty boogies. In step boogie wipes, which I had registered for and received as a baby shower gift. You know, one of those things you just scan and think "What the heck?". Well, I reached for them a few weeks ago and they are fantastic. They are thinner than baby wipes but really help get that nasty gunk outta there. 

Now that C is in her "throwing" phase and finds it absolutely hilarious to chunk her toys across the room or onto the street in her stroller, the Dropper Stopper really helps contain things. It can clip on to your stroller, high chair at a restaurant, or car seat to keep their favorite little toy close at hand and not on the ground. You can also attach a bottle or sippy cup.

I found these bibs on Instagram and waited until they were having a pre-Christmas sale to order some. I wasn't disappointed. These things are great for traveling and keeping in your diaper bag. They  are SO easy to clean, simply wipe off. The best feature though is the tough snap. C always pulls at the ones that velcro and will chunk them on the floor. These cover her all the way up to her neck and she can't pull them off. Plus they come in the cutest colors ;)

I received these as a gift for Christmas and am already in love. I had gotten to the point where I couldn't wear any jewelry because C would always reach for it, pull it, and chew on it. In steps Mama & Little. They have an amazing line of teething friendly Mama jewelry which is actually super cute. They best part is is that it's totally safe for your little to chew on and keeps them entertained when you're holding them. It's also a great go to teething toy in a pinch. 

I was so over the big, bulky, "cute" diaper bag phase after our trip to DC and was on the hunt for a small and practical alternative. I wanted something my husband would carry and something that I could throw the essentials in for short trips to the store or for playdates. My major criteria though was that it came in a backpack. I wear C a lot and having something that I can throw over one should and have it STAY, unlike a purse type bag, was essential. The Kanken was the best alternative. It makes for a fantastic mini diaper bag as it has tons of great hidden little pockets and is practically sized. Even better though is that when C gets older she can use it as a backpack herself for school or when we travel as they were originally designed for Swedish school children. It's also incredibly durable and waterproof, score!

{Solly Baby Wrap}
I can't rave enough about my Solly Baby Wrap. I use this thing almost daily with C when we go out and about. I waited until she was about 6 months to get one but so wish I had had it from the day we came home from the hospital. She loves this thing. I find it's way more comfortable than the Ergo and much cooler in the hotter weather. I still love our Ergo and use it often too, but I love the ease of packing the Solly and how much better it is on my back for extended periods of time. 

Monday, December 8, 2014

{8 Months}

C is 8 months old and continues to grow like a weed! She has made huge leaps this month and learned a ton!

{Some of her favorite things}
*Talking...a lot, and loudly!
*Saying "MaMa" when she is tired or hungry
*Sleeping on her belly, still!
*Walking in her walker around the kitchen.
*Pulling up on things.
*Trying to pull down the Christmas tree.
*Eating three meals a day.

{Some of her least favorite things}
*Having her clothes and diaper changed
*Riding on the car
*Taking a bottle

As you can see from above, C learned to crawl this month and she is so excited about it! She loves finally being able to get to things that were previously out of her reach. She also started pulling up on things as well and I'm sure will be standing before we know it. She still will not take a bottle but thankfully can get by with eating real food if mom needs to get away for bit! C is also still nursing 6-7 times a day and is not sleeping through the night every night. We've had one night where she slept 11 hours but it was clearly a fluke ;) We are so excited to celebrate Christmas with family this year and to take our little girl home for the holidays!