Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Flying Solo

Mitchell was able to solo the T-6 this week, something we both have been looking forward too for a long while now! For those of you that don't know what this means, he was able to fly the plane he has been training in for the past few weeks on his own without an IP (instructor pilot). It's a pretty big deal and I was so glad that I got to go see it happen! It was a VERY windy day which reminded me very much of our time spent in Colorado, but despite the bad weather Mitchell did fantastic! He was only up in the air for about 15 minutes due to the winds, but he didn't crash and the plane came back in one piece meaning he did well and passed ;) It was a very exciting event and here are some photos I took while out on the flight line yesterday...

Right before he soloed!

About to taxi

Right after take off!

Some of the other T-6's

All done!

The tank

Needless to say..he didn't make it back to the flight room ;)

If you don't know about the tank, it's an UPT tradition. After you solo, if members of your flight can catch you on your way back to the flight room from the plane they throw you into the tank of let's say "less than sanitary" water. If you do make it back to the flight room however, everyone in the flight has to buy you beer. In all actuality very few people are lucky enough to make it back to the flight room without being caught :)

I hope everyone enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed being there and getting to experience Mitchell flying solo! I will post again soon with another crafty thing the hubs is making once it's done! 


The Etheridges   

So proud of the hubs!!

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