Sunday, February 24, 2013

Weekend At The Ranch

This past weekend was eventful around our house! On Friday night one of my best and dearest friends  had her assignment night, or Drop night as you've heard me refer to it before. Her and her husband found out that they will be joining us in Florida as their first assignment as well! I could not be more excited or feel more blessed that the Lord placed us together again as we continue on to the next stage in our husbands careers. It was so much fun to relive the excitement of drop night with her and remember all the wonderful (and awful) emotions that go along with it!

On Saturday we headed out to a local ranch here in Del Rio, called Trash Rack Ranch, with some new friends. Earlier in the week we were propositioned with a stay there for a very discounted price , so obviously we were in! The ranch is owned and operated by the sweetest couple who host hunters from all over the country who come to hunt exotic game on their 100+ acre properties. Although we didn't hunt while we were out there they were amazing hosts and cooked us some awesome food and drove us around their property after we were able to see the animals feed off the feeder before dusk hit. George, the owner, made us some killer steaks for dinner and then we spent the rest of the night hanging out around the campfire making smores and playing board games. We were invited by some classmates of 13-14, who are about 7 months behind the hubs in their UPT training here at Laughlin, so it was fun to make new friends and enjoy the gorgeous desert scenery.  It was a total blast and I am so glad that we chose to take the plunge and try something new.

Some of the animals that live on the property...
including "Hooker" the pet goat
featured in the forefront of the photo.

Del Rio can be beautiful, you just have to
know where to look ;)

The awesome steaks George made for us! 
Hanging out by the bonfire

Such a fun night

The Etheridges


  1. Looks like a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends!

  2. You guys are always doing fun stuff and always find fun stuff to do outdoors! I think you will find lots of outdoorsy things to do here. :)