Monday, December 8, 2014

{8 Months}

C is 8 months old and continues to grow like a weed! She has made huge leaps this month and learned a ton!

{Some of her favorite things}
*Talking...a lot, and loudly!
*Saying "MaMa" when she is tired or hungry
*Sleeping on her belly, still!
*Walking in her walker around the kitchen.
*Pulling up on things.
*Trying to pull down the Christmas tree.
*Eating three meals a day.

{Some of her least favorite things}
*Having her clothes and diaper changed
*Riding on the car
*Taking a bottle

As you can see from above, C learned to crawl this month and she is so excited about it! She loves finally being able to get to things that were previously out of her reach. She also started pulling up on things as well and I'm sure will be standing before we know it. She still will not take a bottle but thankfully can get by with eating real food if mom needs to get away for bit! C is also still nursing 6-7 times a day and is not sleeping through the night every night. We've had one night where she slept 11 hours but it was clearly a fluke ;) We are so excited to celebrate Christmas with family this year and to take our little girl home for the holidays!

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