Saturday, April 21, 2012

Easter Happenings and Other Grand Adventures

Easter Sunday was very relaxing around the Etheridge house a few weeks ago! We went to church at Del Rio Bible, where we have been regular attenders for the past few months and then went out to lunch with some friends. It was nice to spend time with the hubs and our little pup as our first Easter as a married couple....

Before heading to church! 

Little Winston!

It's actually looking rather
green around here for Texas!

As I promised to update everyone in my last blog, Mitchell passed his first check-ride with flying colors! He has also had his second check-ride, of four total in Phase II, within the past week that went great as well! He is doing fantastic in the T-6 and I can't believe that Phase II is already half way over! He tracks around June 28th, which is when everyone in his class will find out which type of plane they will be training in as they finish up the last 6 or so months of UPT. He will either track T-1's which is the heavy plane track, or he will go T-38's which is the fighter track. At this point we would both be happy with either track and are just praying that God will place us where we need to be. 

We also had our first visitor this past week and this weekend, my dad! It has been a great trip so far and it's been great having a family member come and spend some quality time with Mitchell and me. I will post again soon with more pictures from his trip! Here's a teaser for now...

Winston thought he was going to
scare the train coming in from Mexico ;)
He's pretty vicious!
Next weekend Mitchell and I will both be out of town on our own trips, so I'm sure even more pictures and adventures will be blogged about soon ;) Thanks for tuning in and I apologize for my lack of blogging lately, I'll try and get back in the swing of it!

The Etheridges

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  1. Aw I didn't your dad was in town - how nice! I LOVE your white Easter dress btw :)