Saturday, September 15, 2012

Life In The Slow Lane

The past few weeks have been pretty quite around the Etheridge household. The most exciting thing that's happened is the beginning of football season, and let's just say we are very much happy about that! It even actually has started to feel like fall around here this past week with the cooler weather we've been having , meaning below 100+ degrees,  and even two days in a row of light rain! Needless to say, we are both very excited to head home in November for Thanksgiving and to get our fix of Georgia football, real fall weather, and friends and family ;)

Training for the hubs is going well and he is still loving flying the T-38! I just can't believe that we only have about 4 months left of UPT before he graduates and we find out what's next for us in our Air Force career! As exciting as it is though I'm also learning to enjoy the time we have together now before things get crazy again after graduation, no matter where we end up.

I'm still in full swing as far as school is concerned. Thank goodness I only have until December until I graduate (woo hoo)! A few weeks ago I was also able to participate in the ladies crud tournament on base here! I played last year as well and had such a blast, I certainly wasn't going to miss it this time around. If you're wondering what crud is, I encourage you to look it up. It's a traditional Air Force game that has been around for a long time. It's generally played by the men, but the base holds a tournament here for the women every year so we have a chance to get in on the action and join in on the fun too! It's always fun getting to hang out with the other spouses here and have some fun playing a competitive game!

I felt bad for not blogging in such a long time, so even though there isn't much to update ya'll on around here I thought I'd just stop in to say hello! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend and enjoying some college football like we are!

Excited about the first game of the season!

Before the Crud Tournament! I love each and every
one of these sweet ladies. They are such a blessing to me.

Poor little Winston has been sick lately :( Luckily he's
well on the road to recovery though!


The Etheridges

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