Tuesday, November 6, 2012

October Happenings

Well, in order to catch everyone up on the month of October I've got a photo dump to bestow on all of you! With school and work most of my free time has been consumed with catching up on our favorite TV shows and sleeeeeeping! I sure do love my sleep, so when it comes to choosing between blogging or taking a quick nap the obvious choice is to sneak in a few more ZZZ's ;)

Anyways, October was a pretty fun and eventful month for us. We started it out with a trip up to the big city (San Antonio) to see one of my best friends who just recently moved to the great state of Texas. It was so great catching up and getting some delicious food at famous Guenther House in downtown SA. Not only am I blessed to have this lovely lady in my life but I can truly say that she is one of those special friends that even if you don't talk for a few days/weeks/months we can always just pick right back up where we left off. She has been such an amazing companion, through thick and thin, and I'm so glad she is close enough for monthly visits now :)

Love this girl

It was actually chilly in SA, unlike good ole Del Rio ;)
On another note, we also have a new family member! We adopted an 8 week old kitten a few weeks ago and she has been the perfect little addition to the Etheridge clan. Not only is she spunky but she holds her own with little Winston. We are still trying to figure out a name for her. As most of you know the previous cat we had never really was dubbed with one of those fancy things we call a name either. We prefer to just call our feline companions "kitten"...

She loves to play in the laundry hamper...only dirty clothes
will do for a playground!

She spends 1/2 her time snoozing away...like her mamma ;)
We also hosted a halloween get together for Mitchell's classmates the weekend before Halloween! We had everyone bring over their favorite chili recipe, along with Mitchell's mom's favorite chili which is a tradition in the Etheridge household for Halloween nights, and had some good homemade chili and a pumpkin carving contest. I think everyone had a pretty good time and more than stuffed themselves on the delicious chili we all got to taste...

The obvious winner!

And runner up!
Little Winston also helped us hand out candy on Halloween as we watched the cute little ones walk around base ;)

The hubs and I also visited a local pumpkin patch of sorts. It's really a gorgeous old church downtown that has pumpkins imported from Mexico each year and sells them for charity! Even though it wasn't a "real" pumpkin patch it was still fun getting to experience our first pumpkin picking as a married couple ;) For those of you that don't remember, the hubs was away at training (IFS) last year and we had to spend my favorite holiday apart! The only thing we missed this year was hanging out with the rest of the Etheridge clan back in GA and handing out candy and eating chili with the rest of the family! Other than that we had a wonderful Halloween with our little family here in Del Rio.

Del Rio "Pumpkin Patch"
On a final note I also made some treats (found here) for the hub's flight! These cute little owls were so easy to make and have been all over Pintrest for ages. I finally had an excuse to make some and am so glad I did...

For those of you wondering about other daily things, such as Mitchell's flying and my school, we are still both puttering away day by day. The hubs finishes up training here in a few months (which I can't believe) and I am done with school in 4 WEEKS (YIPPEE)! I'm just a little excited if you couldn't tell! Please keep both of us in our prayers as we head into the last few weeks before we find out our next assignment! It's a very exciting, nerve racking, fun, and stressful time for sure!

The Etheridges

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