Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Photo Day

I was finally able to go out to the T-38 (the plane the hubs has been flying the past couple of months during phase III) and get some photos! As some of you know I had a rather eventful attempt at trying to get photos when he soloed (flew the T-38 for the first time by himself, without an instructor) so after many other failed attempts to get out there and get the customary spouse photo with the plane I was finally able to this morning. The boys had to have their "hero shots" made, which are the photos that will appear on their slides on drop night and their graduation pamphlets, etc., so I headed out there with them bright and early this morning at 8 am to sneak a few of my own! Of course it had to be the one week in Del Rio where it was below 45 degrees, but I think they still turned out just fine :)

Attempting to be serious...

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