Sunday, December 9, 2012

'Tis The Season

This week was actually pretty eventful in many ways in the Etheridge household! Not only did the hubs finish up his LAST check ride of UPT but I also finished up my LAST week of classes for my undergrad! The hubs has less than 5 flights total left before he finds out our next assignment. I can't even begin to tell you how awesome that feels for both of us! This year of training has been challenging, stressful, and exhausting so it's an incredible feeling to be SO close to the end.

On another note we also attended the student squadron Christmas party last night, which was a total blast! The club was decorated beautifully which got us in the holiday spirit and we also got to participate in some dancing at the end of the night which is always fun. It's was so great to have an occasion to get together with some of the amazing people that we have met while here at Laughlin and just let loose and have some fun.

One of the other wonderful spouses
in 13-04! 

Earlier this week we also got to see an F-16 that came to visit Laughlin. One of the hub's classmates has a family member that is an F-16 pilot, and he was very kind in letting us come out to the plane after he landed and gave us a tour! I've never seen any type of fighter up close and personal, so this was a really unique and fun experience for me. Probably my favorite part though was seeing all the UPT students congregate around the plane and drool over how "cool" it is ;) It's amazing to see how much these men and women love flying and the pretty awesome planes they could potentially fly one day.

The Etheridges

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