Saturday, October 5, 2013


The hubs was able to take leave for a little over a week before another round of training ensues so naturally the first thing on our list was head to Athens for the UGA vs. LSU football game. I had been to the one in 2004 and we both attended the UGA/LSU game in 2009 the day after we got engaged. This game holds a special place in our heart for that reason, plus last time we lost so we really wanted to see the Dawgs pull a win out this year. To say it was an eventful evening of football would be a huge understatement. After almost giving me and baby a heart attack, especially in the fourth quarter, we were elated to see the bulldogs beat the tigers at home in Athens! I'd say it was also a true testament of love for my husband that I sat out in the heat for 4 hours on hard metal seats with an aching back while 14 weeks pregnant and miserable ;) It was well worth the pain though to be in Athens to see the Dawgs pull out another great win.

The Etheridges

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