Thursday, October 24, 2013

Savannah Shenanigans

Last month when the hubs took leave we decided to finally take our "post-UPT trip". I know, I know...most of you are thinking, "umm didn't you finish up UPT almost 9 months ago?" The answer to your question would be, yes. However, if there is one thing that you as my reader should know by now it's that you have to take things as they come in the military. Meaning that we didn't really even have a chance over the past 9 months to think about taking a nice relaxing vacation. Between driving Winston to Louisiana, the hubs getting sent to Washington for a month right after he graduated, moving to San Antonio for 10ish weeks, moving to Florida separately, and then him being sent off for more training to Arizona, it's pretty obvious that the past 9 months have been chalk full of shenanigans that didn't allow us to breath for more than a second. Oh yea, I also went on a cruise and we found out we are expecting in April. I forgot those two fun exciting things ;)

Anyways, even though some of you may scoff and say that this was just any old vacation, gosh darn it this was our gift to ourselves for getting through an intense year of UPT and I'll take it! We had debated about going on a cruise but after we found out I was having a baby, aka a little nugget growing inside me, we decided hitting the high seas may not be the best option. Then we thought about Disney which is only 8 hours away. However, at this point I had JUST gotten over being terribly ill (thanks all-day morning sickness) so we figured spending hours out in the hot sun wasn't the ticket either.

We finally settled on hitting up Savannah as it was only about a 2 hour drive from Macon and way outside tourist season there. In the end it was the perfect option for us and I'm so thankful we ended up choosing to stay there. We found an awesome deal on an old historic bed and breakfast, which yes, was haunted apparently. It was gorgeous and the food was amazing! I think the hubs and I both scoffed down our own weight in biscuits and grits both mornings we were there. We pretty much spent our two day trip walking around the historic downtown area of Savannah, eating insane amounts of amazing southern food, and just enjoying not having a schedule and each others company. The weather was insanely perfect, meaning there was zero humidity which this baby mamma was very happy about! All in all it was a phenomenal trip and I am so grateful my sweet husband took the time to take me on a mini-vacation before more crazy training ensues over the next 9 months.

There are tons of paths just like this one in Savannah!
After living in the desert part of Texas we LOVED all the trees!

Fireplace in our room

Beautiful street view from our room.

The courtyard of the B&B...ignore the old
man snoring.

River Street

Probably the BEST place we ate. Seriously, go here if
you are ever in Savannah, amazing!!

Tiny baby bump appeared in this photo...then
it went away for a few weeks...and now it's back!

The Etheridge

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