Friday, December 13, 2013

Photo Update 12/13

Life around here has been pretty quite since we got back from being home for Thanksgiving, hence the lack of posting. However I was perusing through the hubs photos on his phone yesterday and came across a few that would make for a somewhat satisfactory here ya go ;)
We found this deadly friendly fella on our walk
with Winston last week! Yikes! 
In case you haven't heard we have bears here on base! These
guys love to get into the trashes and cause all sorts of problems
for the housing company. I've yet to see one, only the "evidence"
they leave behind, but the hubs snapped this photo on the way
to work the other week.
Yes this photo is from Halloween. Yes it's December.
But hey, better late than never right? 
Baby Charlotte already has her stocking ready to go for next
years holiday festivities ;)
Also, (as you can see above) we finally settled on a first name for our sweet little girl, Charlotte! It was the first name that we both really loved and it just seemed to stick. We're still stumped on the middle name, so I'll get back to you on that later, but hey, at least we're half way there with figuring out what to call the little munchkin! As far as a baby update goes, I had my 24 week appointment this week and everything looks great! Baby Charlotte is very healthy, growing right on track, and is VERY her daddy! We didn't get to see her this last time but I'm hoping at my next appointment we will get more photos of her!

The Etheridges


  1. Where do you LIVE?? We left bears and snakes behind in Colorado!! ;) Love the stocking! Looks like Pottery Barn :)

  2. Oh my, I loved the bear picture! And I love the name Charlotte, I am so excited for you guys :)

  3. Charlotte - what a perfect name!! My best friend in Ohio has a daughter named Charlotte and she is the sweetest little girl ever. Just seems like such a fitting name for your girl, I love it :)