Thursday, December 12, 2013

Pregnancy Products I Love

If you aren't pregnant, planning on being pregnant, or a man, this post is probably not for you. However, I know when I first jumped on the train of being pregnant  I personally LOVED any and all posts that had product reviews for first time mom's and women who were dealing with changing and growing bodies, hence this post. I'm obviously not full term so I'm sure there are even more things that will come to mind the closer we get to April, but here are a few things that at week 24 I can honestly say I love and am so glad I spent the extra money on...

Earth Mama Angel Baby Products (stretch oil and lotion), $13-$16:
* I've been using this stuff since I found out I was expecting and love it! It smells great, is all natural, and helps keep away those pesky stretch marks. It's worked great for me so far (fingers crossed/knock on wood) but I'll be sure and update if things start going south within the next three months. I bought this cute little trial pack for a friend when I found out she had a little one on the way and she also attested that the other products are fantastic! Iv'e also been using cocoanut oil at night which doesn't seem to hurt.

* My amazing mother-in-law gave me some spending money for maternity clothes (you know, since my belly has tripled in size and all). I was very hesitant, and still am, about spending money on maternity clothes, and find that I feel like it's a total waste of money to buy something you'll only wear for a few months. However, after investing in a workout top and workout jacket I'm in love! Seriously, if you plan on working out while you're pregnant nothing will make you feel better than some workout gear that is made for your growing belly. This particular top and jacket I can vouch for and wear almost every day! The best part is is that these will also help you transition back into your pre-pregnacny workout clothes during the 4th trimester when things still aren't fitting perfect, win win! I also got mine on sale for 50% off, so keep an eye out for those clearances!

* I was given one of these for Christmas last year and we have been inseparable every since. Once I got pregnant though it was literally attached at my hip. These things are amazing, not to mention their customer service is out of this world (I had to have a top replaced and they sent a new one no questions asked within 5 days). When you're pregnant staying hydrated is incredibly important and this thing makes it so easy to take on the go or lug around the house with you. Best part is it's nearly indestructible and is great for taking to the gym or in the car as well! For those of you with military base access you can also find them at the BX usually, so tax free, yippee!

*This thing was such a lifesaver for me! During my entire second trimester I've had awful lower and upper back pain, specifically a muscle spasm when I sit up straight for more than a few minutes at a time without laying down or standing up. I literally lived on this heating pad. We took it in the car with us, used it on the couch, and in bed every night so I could get some relief. Another added bonus is that many people use these in babies crib to warm it up before placing them in it to keep them asleep (disclaimer: make sure and REMOVE before placing baby in crib).

*This may be TMI for some of you (again, if you're a man I warned you earlier to stay away), but many know that with pregnancy comes some ahhh how do you say "enhancements" and ribcage expansion. These things have helped me stay in my normal sized undergarments a little longer and prevented me from having to go out and spend $40+ on a new bra that may no fit in a few months time when I have a nursing baby. If your cup size increases drastically by all means splurge on some new undergarments, you deserve it anyways, otherwise I'd highly recommend these for those in between times you just don't fit comfortably anymore.

Things that DIDN'T Work for me:
*Pregnancy Pillow: Yuck, this thing was awful. At $60 a pop, we sent it back after one failed attempt at using it. If you want something similar I'd recommend just purchasing a regular body pillow from Target or Wal-Mart!
*Preggie Pops: I had awful nausea during the first trimester and these suckers did absolutely nothing. However, some people swear by them.

If you have any other pregnancy recommendations I'd love to hear from you! Just leave
a comment below the post!

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  1. I'm going to have to try that belly cream (for my post baby belly) and water bottle! Thanks for sharing your tips! ;)