Sunday, January 12, 2014

Let Go & Let God

Welp, here we are almost exactly one year from our assignment night! This time last year the hubs and I had just found out we would be heading to Florida sometime in the summer months and all his hard work had paid of because he was going to be flying his dream aircraft. It's crazy how even though that night was over 365 days ago (still seems insane to say that out loud) I can remember almost every second of that day and all the intense emotions that went along with it. The anticipation had been building over the period of an entire year and it all came down to that one night, and boy was it an awesome night. One neither of us will ever forget. Getting to celebrate such an intense year of training with some of our closest and now life long friends was a memory I wouldn't trade for anything.

A few months before Drop though I had had some serious doubts and fears. Fears that maybe God's plan wasn't our plan and where he wanted to place us wasn't where we wanted to be or can see that post here. I'm a firm believer however that God uses all situations and circumstances to teach us things. Both the sudden death of my mother two days before our planned wedding day and the roller coaster ride known as UPT have shown me that and God has time and time again proven to me that his plans for my life and our little family are always the best, period.
Some of the Laughlin Crew...miss these faces like crazy.
Anyways, one year later we are:
 * Settled in Florida,

* The hubs is already well into his training program and loving it

*Our family is growing and we have our first munchkin due in April (eeeeppp)

*We are loving being close to family and driving home
for the holidays was such a blessing

*We have found an incredible home church that we both love, seriously it's awesome!
All this goes to show that all the worrying and stress I put on myself a year ago was for absolutely nothing. I do understand that sometimes things don't always work out "perfect", such as having our dream wedding we had worked for over a year to plan be completely turned upside down with my sweet mothers untimely death two days before saying "I Do", but in all situations I think it's important to recognize that God has his hand on us and loves us enough to have a plan for our lives. 

I love the saying "Let go and Let God". I feel it's a phrase that sums up all of that with one simple saying. Look around and try and find the positive, don't stress, and love each day you have on this earth with your loved ones. Who knows where you will be a year from now and who will no longer be here with you. Someone in our new bible study that we started attending this morning said, "are all the things you worry about, stress out over, and get mad about going to matter in 10 years...100 years...or even 10,000 years?". Most likely the answer is no, so why worry? God has us all in the palm of his hand. All this to say, we should treasure every day, the good, the bad, and the ugly as it's all a part of a greater plan!


  1. I'm happy things turned out for the best for you guys and I'm very happy you guys came to Tyndall, now you just need to come to Langley! :)

  2. "Let go and let God" is always a hard phrase for me to remember! Our pastor just this morning was preaching about the importance of positive thoughts and choosing a thought to focus on and pray on throughout the year. This is just what I needed to read today and to focus on throughout the year!

  3. Sometimes it's hard to get caught up in focusing on all of the what-ifs (especially when dealing with the Air Force) so this was PERFECT to read today! As we are (not so) patiently waiting to hear where we'll be heading for Dan's UPT, it's nice to remember that I'm not in control, and wherever we end up is the right place for us! :) Thanks!

  4. Love this post. Can't believe it's already been a year since your drop - holy cow!! And I so agree with Bre, you guys need to come to Langley!! Either way I can't wait until the day our paths cross again. You are one amazing lady and I love you!!!

  5. Super encouraging to me. Love you and miss you already!

  6. Great post, I'm about a year behind you! ;) We are waiting to see where we will end up this summer and planning the wedding. This was a perfect reminder that it will all work out! :) - Megan Haverlah