Thursday, July 24, 2014

Fun Times On Leave

Hey ya'll! We finally made the big move and are slowly but surely getting settled in to our new home here in Virginia. We took the plunge and decided to purchase a home (big kid status guys)! It's been a roller coaster moving in having to take care of C, who is extra clingy these days, and having Mitchell only getting a few days off to help unpack and move, but we are slowly getting things in their rightful place and making this house our home.

Being a part of the military lifestyle I've learned that moving is going to be a way of life for us, and even though I may not enjoy it, it does come with some perks. Each new "home" has brought us new and amazing friends that we couldn't imagine life without now. Although it does take us away from the ones we've come to cherish the most, the bright side is that the community we are in is small and we will see them again at some point in the future :)

For those of you waiting for photo updates of C it's your lucky day! While we were homeless I found I could barely hold my head above water getting the move underway and moving from place to place,  much less post on here about our travels. But I will give you guys a photo recap of our adventures...

We had a not so fun time moving...this face tells all.

We had to say goodbye to one of our very best friends :(
But we will see them again soon!

C made a trip to the squadron bar...
don't worry they checked her ID :)

We spent time with Papa and watched the Braves very intently.

We went to the lake to visit Great Grandaddy and
LOVED the boat...when it wasn't windy.
We are excited for next summer when we can run around
and enjoy the water :)

We learned how to drive the boat with Pop, and Archy.

We celebrated our first 4th Of July!  

And were so happy we got to spend it with daddy :)

I will post soon about our home and all of the updates we going to be doing to it within the next few months! I'm also going to make a post about some of C and I's favorite nursing items as well as her 4 month check in.

The Etheridges 

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