Monday, July 28, 2014

Top 5 Nursing Items

I honestly can't believe that C has been exclusively breastfed for almost 4 whole months now! It seriously blows my mind. For those of you that have been with me from the beginning of our ventures with nursing you will know it has not been a smooth journey. Her mouth was tiny so she had a terrible time latching. we both had thrush which was even more painful than giving birth in my opinion (FYI that's painful), and I had an oversupply and overactive letdown which is a nightmare for a newborn. Things are so much better now though and I love nursing, especially at night when she's sleepy and extra sweet ;)

Here are a few of my favorite things that I wish I had from the get-go or that I did have before she was born and was very thankful I did!

There are tons and tons of bras out there that are made for nursing, but this one takes the cake. I wouldn't recommend it for when you are still regulating and leaking all over the place (oh yes, you will leak, don't you worry) but after that its amazing! It's so comfy and doesn't even feel like you are wearing anything while allowing you to nurse very easily. 

These things were great for me in the very beginning when I had a major oversupply and before I was regulated. If I accidentally forgot to wear one then it was not pretty and super embarrassing. Get these before your little one arrives, you can always take them back if you need to but you DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT want to be running to the store with a leaking problem after your milk comes in!!

In the beginning I tried to use one of those cheap nursing covers that you get for free from Motherhood Maternity. Yea, that didn't work out to well. It wouldn't stay up making the whole point of the cover useless and also showed off my lovely side-boob. Awesome. Being as modest as I am these covers are a fantastic alternative. They cover you 360 degrees and are lightweight so baby doesn't get super stuffy. 

Although we exclusively nurse, it's always good to have a handful of bottles on hand for those times that you are able to pump and need to go out or don't want to have to nurse when you are out and about. The only time I use these is when the hubs and I get a date night or when we go to church on Sunday's because C always decides to get hungry in the middle of the service and I'm just not very comfortable feeding her in the sanctuary since she's a loud snacker ;) We love these bottles and they haven't caused any gas issues for us!

I LOVE these tops! They are so easy to nurse in, help hide that post-baby figure, and are super cool for when you wear little one or have to hold him or her often in the summer months. They are a steal too at only $7-$10 depending on the sales Target is having. 

Nursing has been one of the most difficult things I've had to do, but it has also been the most rewarding! To look at your little one and know that you are the sole thing that sustains their life is such an incredible feeling. I know a lot of mama's out there aren't able to nurse, and that's ok too. But for those of you that are able to I hope these items will help you out a little :)

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  1. I love these "favorites" posts. Even though we're in the same boat, I discover something new each time. Thanks for sharing!! :)