Tuesday, November 4, 2014

{7 Months}

Our baby girl is 7 months old this week! I'll say it again, where is the time going? I remember thinking this time last year when I was pregnant with her that this time next year we would have a little munchkin and she would be partaking in all the holiday festivities that come with Thanksgiving and Christmas. It is mind blowing that that time is coming up very shortly and we will be celebrating the holiday season with our precious little girl for the first time this year!

This month she has really grown by leaps and bounds! Some new things about C now that she is 7 months old:
*In 9 month sized Pj's
*Still love sleeping on our belly
*Loves pumpkin
*Mommy is still the only one that can get me to sleep 
*No longer likes to take bottles
*Learned to "rock" on my knees but still prefer to roll everywhere instead of crawling
*Can talk like a big girl now and make consonant sounds 

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  1. She's such a beautiful little girl! Love all these pictures!