Thursday, January 26, 2012

Another Angel

As some of you know Mitchell's sweet grandmother passed away very suddenly this past weekend. Although I did not know her as long as most of the Etheridge clan, I did know her well enough to say that the earth has lost a very special and sweet woman.  I have been visiting his grandparents every summer since Mitchell and I have been together and we were also blessed enough to see them every Christmas as well. Over the past 6 years I got to know Lou and can honestly say that she was one of the kindest and most hospitable people there was. She reminded me my mother in a lot of ways, which is to say she lived every day as a servant and to make everyone around her as happy as possible. Her kind spirit and loving nature were always so welcoming, especially after the passing of my mother. The Lord only knows why he needed her in heaven at this exact time. All I do know, is that her and my mother are sitting up there at this very second chatting away with one another to their hearts content. You will be greatly missed by many grand-mom.


  1. So sorry to hear.. Sending you both smiles and hugs!

  2. Thanks sweet girl, both are much appreciated! Hope all is well in OK!