Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Same ole Same ole

I apologize for the lack of posting lately, but honestly nothing new and exciting enough has happened worthy of a post! Therefore, consider this a rather mundane update with some pictures ;)

Mitchell is still in Phase I of UPT. This is the academic phase, in case you missed that from my past few posts. So far this portion of UPT has been pretty easy and it's been nice having Mitchell home a good deal more than he was during his casual job. Sadly, all of that will change once Phase II begins around the middle of February, which includes 12 hour days and he actually starts flying (scary thought right?!). So, I'm trying to enjoy every moment that he has free right now! Anyways, here are a couple pictures from Phase I so far...

The altitude chamber!

The first picture is from when I went to see Mitchell when they had their altitude chamber training. It was a really neat event and everyone there was very "spouse friendly" letting us take lots of pictures and such! Basically, they guys/girls sit in this chamber with a few other classmates and it is supposed to simulate being in a plane in terms of altitude. Once they get to a high altitude, and the oxygen is low, they make them take their masks off depriving them of a small amount of oxygen. It's meant to simulate what it's like if you're up in the plane and something happens and you can't get enough oxygen. 

Other than Mitchell being in the first phase of UPT, school has started up for me again and I'm still working at the same retail store here in Del Rio. I've been having a hard time being content with my job lately, so any and all prayers about my current employment situation would be greatly appreciated. As usual school is rather stressful, but thankfully I will be done by next December (woo hoo). Since there isn't really anything new to report here are a couple random photos from the past few weeks...

Little Winston waiting for his dinner...a daily routine around here.

We made a yummy lemon herd chicken the other night
for the first time! Mitchell was excited to use
his electric knife ;)

Hopefully the next few weeks will be more eventful and I will have some more exciting photos! We are planning to head out to the lake Friday after Mitchell gets off if the weather is nice, so if nothing else we will have the usual lake photos to share ;) Until next time....

The Etheridges


  1. Love this post Mary Ellen! I really should create one of these :). I am lucky enough to get 'live' updates from you but I love reading these. I will pray for your work situation to work itself out.

  2. That post is from Layne. Haha :)