Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Another Day

Today was actually fairly eventful so I thought I would give you all some pictures and such to look at :) Mitchell and I went out to the Border Patrol shooting range after being invited by our oh-so-sweet neighbors. If I haven't mentioned how awesome they are before, just so you know....they are pretty awesome! We are so blessed to live near some really sweet guys and gals while here at Laughlin. Anyways, it had been ages since either of us had shot Mitchell's guns, so naturally we jumped at the opportunity. Here are some photos...

I think we got him between
the two of us!

Although it's hard to tell from this photo...the Mexican
mountains were extra pretty today!

The Border Patrol Station, about 1/2 mile
away to get across to Mexico.

I think that people often don't realize how close we live to the Mexican border. This last photo really gives you an idea. From our house it took about 20 min to get here and while at the gun range we could have walked to the border in about 10 minutes. Those tiny dots in the middle are the checkpoint station.

We also made some DELICIOUS tortilla soup for dinner! The lovely Mrs. Wanda Schroeder gave me a couple boxes of this delectable stuff for Christmas and it was an instant favorite in the Etheridge household!  I highly recommend it to anyone, although finding it anywhere but online is difficult...

Well, that's really all for now! I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend so far :)

The Etheridges

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