Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Last weekend the hubs and I headed up (over?) to Fredericksburg for a day trip! Let me just say that this is one of the cutest little towns you'll find in South East Texas. The drive there was surprisingly beautiful with rolling hills and TREES! After living out of the south for almost five years now I've come to really appreciate some good hills and trees.

After walking around the charming little town for a bit we stopped into a local restaurant for some lunch called Auslander's. The food was delightful and the beer and wine even better! The hubs got a tall glass of some type of German Wheat beer and I got a delicious glass of a German Riesling. 


The most adorable old couple that came in while
we were eating. I thought it was so sweet that
they sat down and ate on the same
side of the table ;) I could just see them 50 years ago
sitting in a little soda fountain shop
 as teenagers.
Naturally, after perusing some truly adorable shops the only purchases we actually made were some corgi themed items at the local doggy boutique...hey, we don't have kids yet so why not be crazy dog parents?! What was really neat was that the town seems to be very dog friendly, and you can drop your pup off at this little boutique for $6 an hour while you go grab lunch! Although, the place we ate allowed you to bring your dog in to eat on the patio if you wished! We adore places that are just as much in love with animals as we are :)

Were obsessed...so what?
If you ever have the chance to visit this darling town we highly recommend it! There are also an abundant amount of adorable B&B's, but reserve one out as far as you can, they book up extremely fast in the spring/summer months as that's peak time to visit! 

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  1. Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier is a great beer! Brewed in Munich -- one of our favorites! And your Riesling most likely came from our region of Germany! Fredricksburg looks like a great place!