Friday, June 21, 2013

Girls Night In (Chicken Florentine)

Since my pilot was away for the evening, I decided to whip up something that was more to my taste than his! One thing I do find as a positive when he's away is that I get to eat some yummy recipes I can't try out on him (i.e. the healthier ones)! I found this recipe over on the Pioneer Woman blog, she's fantastic, and finally got a chance to test it out. I'm a sucker for anything with grape tomatoes in it, they're my absolute favorite, so when I saw the photo on the blog I naturally had to indulge.

To make it slightly healthier I substituted some gluten free brown rice noodles for the penne pasta, but other than that I stuck pretty true to her recipe. I used a Riesling for the white wine in the homemade broth, and I thought it turned out quite nicely! This is a great, light, summer time meal!

What You'll Need:
Penne Pasta (or similar substitute) 
Boneless Chicken Breast
Salt & Pepper
Olive Oil
Garlic (chopped)
White Wine
Low-Sodium Chicken Broth
Baby Spinach
Grape Tomatoes

How To Make It:
*Cook noodles and set aside or cook while making main dish.
*Cut chicken into chunks, as large or as small as you'd like & salt and pepper it.
*Place chicken in hot skillet seasoned with olive oil and butter and cook until no longer pink.
*Place chicken on plate on the side, leaving most of the liquid in the pan.
*Turn heat down to medium and stir in garlic, sauteing quickly so as not to burn.
*Pour in wine and chicken broth (I eyeballed it, about a quarter of a cup each, 
whatever makes you happy)
*Let simmer for 3-4 minutes until 1/2 of liquid is evaporated.
This is the coating for noodles so if you think you need more liquid 
just add some more chicken broth to your liking.
*Sprinkle cut in half tomatoes with salt and pepper, place them and 
spinach in the homemade broth and remove from heat.
*Add cooked noodles, and chicken as well.
*Stir immediately to coat mixture in broth.
And viola, you're done! Enjoy!  
What my night consisted of, pasta, wine, and The Office!

On a side note, I am happy to announce that my sweet husband recently purchased me a "real" camera, so after it arrives in the mail you can look forward to better quality photos on the blog. I know, you're just as excited as I am aren't you? ;)

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