Saturday, September 13, 2014

Baby Faves {3-6 Months}

I'm back again with some of our favorite baby items, this time from 3-6 months! C has grown so much in the past three months, meaning the things she needs and enjoys have also changed. Here are some things that we've really enjoyed and felt were worth the money...

{1} Crinkle Toy
This toy is fantastic and fairly inexpensive. I personally love these in particular from Little Luvins on Etsy. She has some adorable prints and the fabric on the back is so incredibly soft! I would highly recommend her products! She shipped super fast and her packaging is perfect for re-gifting upon arrival. We all know I'm a sucker for cute packaging ;) I also purchased one as a baby shower gift and it seemed to be a big hit.
{2} Jumper
Ok, some of these things can be pricey. However, if you are lucky enough to have a wonderful neighbor who lets you borrow theirs you are in luck like we were. This contraption was a lifesaver and C looooooves it. It can entertain her in the mornings while I snag breakfast and drink my coffee which is a great start to every know, as opposed to starving myself all day and feeling like a zombie because I missed that oh so important cup of Joe first thing in the morning. Moral of the story, this is worth the price you pay. Also check local baby thrift stores, people tend to like to make back some of their money on these and they are usually gently used as baby grows out of them quickly.

{3} Ergo
I know I already mentioned this one in the last "favorite baby items" post, but it's just that good. It's even better now that I don't have to use the infant insert and can just pop her in it. I use this almost daily and she loves it more than ever. C refuses to fall asleep in her stroller now, so if we are about to go in the store and I know she's sleepy, it's the only way we can shop enjoyably. She passes out and is as happy as can be snoozing away, while I have two hands to shop with. Happy baby, happy mamma ;) 

Such a lifesaver! C loves to stick her legs and arms out of the crib as she rolls around trying to get comfortable sleeping. After two weeks of her screaming out from getting stuck between the bars, I caved and spent the $30 on mesh crib bumpers. Great investment. 

They have the most adorable bandanas these days made for little tethers! For a few weeks there C was drooling allll the time. Her shirts were soaked in drool and I knew that must feel gross and cold against her sweet little skin. So instead of the standard bib, I found these cute bandanas. They have a wool liner on the back which make them very absorbent, and would actually be great for upcoming fall and winter by keeping their little neck warm. If you search on Etsy you can find some really cute ones, but cheap-o me didn't want to pay shipping so I ordered these off of Amazon and love them.

I had one of these from the get-go but didn't really use it until now. It was great when the hubs and I had a date night and I needed to pump on the go while away from C to stay comfortable. It fit great in my purse and was way easier to cart around than my electric one. I really like the Lansinoh one. I was shocked to see that I actually got way more milk with this one than my electric one and in a shorter amount of time too! 

Not much explanation needed here. Everyone loves her, we love her. She's awesome.

Love, love, love this thing! I so wish that I had had it from the get-go. I hate the covers that go over your neck and have a neck opening. I always felt like I was hanging out all over the place. It would have helped me be much more confident about nursing in public had I had this cover to start with. I used to hate nursing in public, but now I actually looked forward to using this lovely cover ;) 

{9} Better Life Bags Diaper Bag
Ok, so it's not technically labeled as a "diaper bag" but that's exactly what I use it for. Back before C was born I stumbled about their IG account and instantly fell in love.Their bags are super cute and even better, customizable! I bought mine as a ready to ship item, so I didn't get to pick out my fabric and leather combo, but that's definitely something you can do. Their bags are very well made and very sturdy in my opinion. Sometimes handmade items like this don't hold up, but I've been using mine almost daily for 6 months now and it still looks as great as the day I received it. The best part is, is that Better Life Bags employs women who have been victims of abuse and who are trying to provide for their families using new skills they have been taught to make these bags. Win, win in my book. *I own the "Nicole" 

{10} An A W E S O M E Husband & Father
This is an absolute baby mama essential, whether little one is 1 day old or 100! For real though, having a husband who is willing to watch your little one, even if it's for 30 minutes so you can take a shower is one of the best "things" you can have. They a life saver at the end of the day when they walk through the door and you need 5 minutes to use the bathroom, throw the finishing touches on dinner, or need some extra sleep on those lazy Saturday mornings when baby wants to be wide awake at 6am. Love my husband, love what an incredible father he is, and love that he loves spending time with our little girl ;)
{Probably my favorite photo to date of these two.
He loves her with his whole heart and soul.}


  1. I love getting advice from you for our future! That's so sweet of you to include Mitchell as a must need... He's suchc a sweet daddy. Also, I think you need to get Charlotte and Winston matching bandanas! That would be priceless!

  2. I love these posts! You always share things I'm not familiar with and will keep in mind for the next one! Love #10 the most :) Laura's comment about the matching bandannas is hilarious...and genius. ;)