Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Treat Yo Self

So, a few weeks ago one of my Facebook friends contacted me about doing a mommy pampering post using Rodan and Fields products. Before C was born I had actually been dying to try their Unblemish line, as I had horrible horrible acne for 90% of my pregnancy. Now, acne was not something new to me. I've been battling it as long as I can remember and I HATE IT. I mean who doesn't right? Acne is one of those things that just drags your confidence level down to zero. Every time someone would look at me, all I could think was, "are they looking at my bumps"? So annoying and so embarrassing. I hated that the first thing I saw every morning when I woke up were these ugly red spots all over my face. It's hard enough feeling comfortable in your skin as a new mom too, between losing the baby weight, dealing with what feels like a head of hair thats going bald, and growing accustomed to those dark circles under your eyes from lack of sleep. The last thing you want to add on top of that is gross skin that makes you look like a pubescent teenager....

In steps Rodan and Fields. Simply put, this stuff is amazing. Really. Before and after C was born I felt like I literally tried every acne regime you can think of. I tried Proactive in the past, I had tried all the over the counter products from the store, and even tried what felt like every natural remedy there is. All that to say, this was my last ditch effort and I was pumped to try it out. The Unblemished line has worked wonders for me after being on it for one month. You start out slow with these products, only using them once a day for the first week and then slowly bumping it up until you are up to two times a day, morning and night. The best part is, is that if you notice something drying your skin out or irritating it you can back off and only use it once a day or every other day if need be. It's totally customizable which I love. I would highly recommend the Unblemish line to anyone and could not be happier with the results I've seen! Check it out y'all, it's awesome!

I also decided to take some before and after photos so you guys could see my personal results. Here's a glimpse of me totally barefaced....prepare yourself!
As you can see my forehead was atrocious
and I had this nasty bump above my lip that
was stubborn as all get out.

One week in and the bump above my
lip is almost totally gone and all the redness on
my forehead and deceased dramatically.

After week 3 the redness as almost totally gone
and my skin was super smooth!

One month in and my skin felt better than it had in years!
Love R&F products!
*If you have any questions please contact, Katie Grissom. She was the awesome representative that prompted me to do this post and she will gladly help you out with any questions you may have about any Rodan and Fields products!


  1. You're an absolute rock star, Mary Ellen! Thank you so much for the post and you're looking gorgeous as always!

  2. Your face looks incredible! Very impressed!

  3. I look at these pictures and think, "dang, she looks so good with no makeup!!" But really, your skin looks beautiful!