Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Good "Ole" Mississippi

This past weekend we ventured to Louisiana to see family and then we headed up to Oxford, Mississippi for the Ole Miss vs. UGA game! After two very short flights (each under an hour) we ended up in Monroe, Louisiana where my mom's side of the family lives and we got to meet up with my dad and nephew Dawson who drove out for the game. To say it was wonderful to see everyone would be an understatement :) The "Louisiana Crowd" as they are kindly referred to are always so kind and hospitable and just down right wonderful people. It always makes me happy to see them, and reminds me of happy memories my mom and I made with them over the past few years as we made our ventures to and from Colorado. All in all, we had a great weekend and here are some photos we took along the way....

Naturally we had to get Chick-fil-a before heading
to the airport in San Antonio.

Poor Texas, we desperately need some rain.

My reading material for the trip! I actually
finished it in one day it was so good!

Mitchell's reading material, boldface and ops limits...
aka pilot stuff. Looks like fun huh?

Their stadium was quaint compared to
Sanford Stadium, but still really nice!

My cousins Emily and Josh! Josh had a football game
the night we got in and we were so excited we
finally got to go to one!

We even snuck in a visit to the always
amazing Zaxby's!

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  1. What a fun trip! :) You'll know those ops limits as well as he does by the time he leaves ;)