Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Making Our House Our Home

As promised, here are some photos of the house now that we have finished a few (and I mean minimal) renovations! We painted the kitchen the Martha Stewart Aegean Blue, which wasn't a surprise at all to my husband and anyone else who rummaged through our registry. I will admit I have an obsession with anything Martha Stewart brand, so naturally I went with a color from her line available at Home Depot. It turned out perfect and it really really helped open the room up! The neutral beige, or Macadamia as the management here calls it, was killing me and really making it rather depressing to spend any amount of time in the kitchen. Here's a good photo of it, even though it's really hard to tell the difference with the bad lighting situation in there...

After! It's really hard to tell the difference with how horrible
the lighting is. But, in person it's SO much brighter!

I also ordered some pillows from a lovely shop on Etsy called "The Lacey Placey," which I was happy to see is based out of Atlanta :) I had been admiring her pillows for a few weeks and finally took the plunge and ordered the blue/ivory pillow cover in a chevron print. I'd seen this print literally everywhere and had fallen in love with it and was so happy to find someone who could make me something with a similar design without a hefty price tag! The shipping was super fast and I could not be happier with them! Here are some pictures of them....

I'm in love with anything in the Chevron print!

I paired them with some lovely yellow pillows
from Target that my friend Elyssa got Mitchell and me as
a wedding and shower gift ;)

Winston wanted to pose with the pillows!

We also finally got a new rug (WOOOOO!!!)  and I'm in love with it as well! After searching forever we finally found a great rug and could not be more happy with it! Mitchell is so happy to finally have a soft surface to pad around on in the living area and Winston sure loves it too! 

Our new rug! It's a dark grey/blue with floral print!
Yet again Winston wanted to pose for the camera.


  1. I really like that print! It's beautiful :)
    I found this blog....

  2. Aw, it didn't link! Sorry you have to type it all in :(