Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Early Birthday

Tomorrow would have been my sweet mamma's 61st birthday. This week has been a little harder on me than the past few, knowing that it would have been her birthday this weekend. But I'm trying my hardest to stay busy and positive! My usual routine of heading to the store to pick out a special card, ordering flowers to be delivered, and selecting the perfect gift to make her day all that more special is something I didn't get to do for the first time in years this week. Still, I've had the urge to send her something in the mail every morning this past week when I get up remembering that it's her birthday on Saturday, then it hits me how little sense that makes.

Funny enough she had already told me exactly what she wanted this year for her birthday a few months ago! She mentioned that she wanted some pretty blue hydrangeas for her yard :) If you knew my mother at all she LOVED gardening, even though her and I both certainly didn't have green thumbs by any means.  My mother was the most selfless person I have ever known and never ever asked for anything from anyone and certainly wasn't about to ask for some extravagant gift.  I'm hoping to get some hydrangeas next spring and plant them in remembrance of her last birthday wish!

I thought that I would remember her birthday on here as I started this whole blogging experience in remembrance of her. As I can't share Mitchell's and I's life experience with her via the phone, email, or in person anymore I felt that this would help substitute the loss a little and help me feel as if I was relaying our life events to her in some way :) Anyways, I'm wishing my mom a super happy early birthday and hope she's partying it up up there where she is! I miss and love you so much mamma.

A photo of mom and I when we were
driving back to CO a year ago from
last month!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet Momma! You are so very strong Mary Ellen and she is so very proud of you I am sure! She is getting your messages and has been with you in everything that you and Mitchell have been experiencing in your new life together! What a sweet memory of her to see those flowers and think of her and her memory! God Bless you, especially as you make it through the next couple of days remembering your Momma!

  2. I know she loves seeing you from above every day friend. Happiest of Birthdays to your mom - I can only hope to one day possess selflessness such as that. Such a beautiful lady :)