Monday, November 14, 2011

Back In The Saddle

Well, this past week and weekend were  eventful so I'm glad I finally have something interesting to post about! Mitchell is finally back from IFS (yippee) and our family is whole once again! He finished up last Wednesday and was back by the end of the week. Mitchell passed IFS with flying colors and is now just awaiting pilot training to begin on December 21st!

Winston was so very excited
to see his daddy!

Our Saturday tradition of pancakes for breakfast!
My hubs is always so sweet
and puts some chocolate chips in mine :)

Other than Mitchell returning from cold and snowy Colorado we had a busy weekend doing things around the house! We finally happily finished cleaning out the office which wasn't even useable when he left for training. We figured it would be a good idea to make Mitchell a "study room" with UPT starting soon and to be honest he just wanted a "man cave." I'll post more about this room later, but we fixed it up real nice with some curtains I got at Ross for super cheap, some pictures we had been meaning to hang for ages, and by setting up his desk! We also made a dry-erase board that takes up one whole wall that I'll post pictures of later! 

The USAFA photo wall we made
with Mitchell's diploma in the middle! 

All in all we spent our weekend eating lots of unhealthy food (sorry diet) and fixing up the house! We also hung the curtains in our bedroom which I'll post a photo of with the white dry-erase board.

This week doesn't really hold much for the Etheridge family. I am working a few days and doing lots of school work while Mitchell begins checking off his list of To Do's before UPT begins and spending time with Winston while I'm at work :)

We are also so very very excited that Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up! After a trip to Home Depot yesterday, where we purchased some Christmas lights, we can hardly wait to put up decorations. However, we are trying to be good and at least wait until Thanksgiving is over before we start hanging things up for the holidays! 

On a final note, here is some yummy Pumpkin Bread I made tonight...mmmmm I'm so ready for the holidays :)


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