Saturday, November 19, 2011

The Office

Here are the photos of the office wall that I promised! After being inspired by a friend that did something similar, Mitchell and I set out to make one of the walls in the office a white board. We figured it would be a great thing to have once UPT starts and we also needed an excuse to get rid of the clutter in there and make the room usable. Here are some photos we took during the process of making the wall fixture....

The wall "before". Also notice the picture wall to the
left that I posed about earlier this week!

Besides the panel board, these were the only other
supplies that we needed to put it up.
Before it was hung

Handy Hubs!

The wall "After". Also notice the curtains
I spoke about in my last post.

Finally done! Please ignore the state of my hair...

All in all it was a very easy project and I think Mitchell will really love having a white board wall to use once he has to start studying for pilot training. He calls the office his "man cave" now and Winston already loves hanging out in there with him!

Speaking of Winston, we broke down and bought him a doggie door the other day for the sliding glass door to the back yard. We figured with Mitchell having to head back to work and me working now it would be a good thing for him to be able to come and go as he pleases when we aren't home. He loves it now that he's gotten over the fear of the oh so scary flapping door!

Winston's new door!

Mitchell had to head back to his job this week, meaning the same one he had before he went to IFS. We aren't super excited about it, but we know God has a reason behind sending him back instead of letting him spend some time at home before UPT begins. Other than that, I've been working a good bit lately which has been exhausting and honestly a little more than I signed up for. Hopefully things will get better though, prayers are greatly appreciated that I can bulldoze my way through the holidays which I am sure are going to be a busy time at the store. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend before Thanksgiving! On a final note this is what I'm going to attempt to make tonight, and if all goes well I'll be making it again next week for Thanksgiving :)

Paula Deen's Chocolate Pecan Pie! I mean, what
girl from the south doesn't know how to make
a pecan pie?! Wish me luck!

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  1. The office looks great! And if Zoe weren't so big...I would love to have a doggy door for her. I love noticing the differences in our the fact that you guys have a sliding glass door! I'm actually pretty jealous because We have a heavy wooden door and a glass door to open in every entrance of our home :( Hope things get better at the store! Is it a gift store or did I make that up? I bet that would be insane around this time of the year...and because of people like me :)