Saturday, November 5, 2011

Happy Halloween

Here are the photos of the cute little Halloween luminaries I made the other week before I left to come home! Yes I realize it's almost a week after Halloween, but better late than never right?! Anyways here are the photos I took...

Most the supplies you will need! Minus the
paintbrushes and the mason jars.

After the first coat of paint!

Ta Da! Glossed up and ready to go!
As you can tell they were super easy to make and turned our really well! I used a small foam brush to paint the jars and then a fine point art brush to paint the faces. The orange paint didn't cover as well as I had hoped but the green did really well. Here is the link for the original posting I found this project through! Thanks Pintrest ;)

For those that would like an update on what's been going on with the Etheridge's, I am still here in Del Rio all on my lonesome with little Winston. Mitchell should have been done today but due to bad weather and just plain bad luck he won't be back till most likely the end of next week. It also looks like the weather is supposed to be pretty bad on Monday and Tuesday in Colorado, meaning no flights those days. So, that could end up pushing his graduation date back even further. We are both struggling at this point to stay positive and upbeat. It simply feels like they are doing everything they can up there to keep him longer :( Prayers would be greatly appreciated for a quick trip out of there this coming week! 

Little Winston seems to be coming down with something as well. Ever since last night he has been very "mopey" and simply won't move on his own. I had to literally carry him to bed last night. I'm hoping he is just really sad and missing his daddy a lot and that it isn't something more serious.

Other than that I'm just trying to keep myself busy with work, school, and friends and hoping that Mitchell can get back home to his family soon. We miss him so much but are so proud :) That's all for now!

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