Saturday, November 26, 2011

Tis The Season

Now that Thanksgiving is over the hubs and I are so so excited to start decorating! Growing up, Christmas wasn't really a huge deal in the Mitchell household so I never really looked all that forward to the Christmas season. However, once I became apart of the Etheridge clan I inherited the obsession with the holiday season! Therefore, the instant we could get away with decorating, we began ;) The first thing I did was make a wreath. I've been wanting to make you one for ages and once I found a cheap wreath at Wal-Mart I got to it...

After I sprayed the wreath with "Snow"

Fake Snow


I bought some Martha Stewart plastic ornaments(I know, you're not surprised are you?) and some berry decoration at Home Depot. Then I simply tied the ornaments onto the wreath with flower wire after Mitchell wrapped the whole thing with lights! I think it came out pretty well for my first wreath. 

We also put up some Christmas lights on the house, which was the part that Mitchell was most excited about....

First time putting up lights!!

We are both so excited that the holidays are finally here! Hopefully we will be going to get our tree tomorrow or maybe next Sunday. As soon as we get it up and decorated I will post pictures for all to see ;) Although we left over 1/2 of our Christmas decorations at home in Georgia (boooo) hopefully it will turn out ok! Happy Holidays to all!!

The Etheridges

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