Monday, March 3, 2014

Savannah Shenanigans Round 2

We somehow wound up finding ourselves back in Savannah once again over Valentines Day weekend. The hubs had a TDY there for a little over a week and finished a day early so I drove from home, where I'd been hanging out with my in-laws for a few days, with my sweet sister in-law and her boyfriend (a close friend of ours from Laughlin funny enough) who was in town. We fell in love once again with the lovely town of Savannah and found a few new "haunts" to add to our favorite places to frequent when we visit. I know I've said this before, but seriously, Savannah is one of the coolest, most fun, romantic, quirky, southern towns I've ever been too and I can't say enough good things about it.

One of the new places we tried was the Byrd Cookie Company. The hubs had stumbled upon it in the city market area when he and his classmates were wandering around one day and he took me back when I came down the next weekend. Not only do they have free samples (yes people, free COOKIE samples, woot) but they have some of the friendliest staff and the cutest shop. Sadly I forgot to take a photo but it's totally worth checking out if you visit the area.

We also checked out one of the local candy stores, which Savannah is famous for if you didn't know. We were bombarded with free, flying taffy (it was literally falling from the ceiling and being thrown by the employes at us) and got free samples of their famous pralines as well!

That's a log of taffy case you wanted to
know what that looked like.
Making caramel pralines
While strolling through Forsyth Park which we visited last time we came to town, we got to witness a military wedding which was held outdoors in front of the famous fountain found in the center. The creepers that we are we sat on the benches with the other gawking tourists and enjoyed watching this mystery military couple exchange vows. It was so sweet to see all the emotions and such that go along with a wedding, even if we didn't know the couple at all, and to reminisce about our own military style wedding almost three years ago! It was almost exactly 8 years to that day that the hubs and I went on our very first date as well so my emotions were already going crazy and I was being all kinds of sentimental watching this ceremony unfold. 

We then proceeded to walk around town and stumbled across the old Police barracks.

These old police cars were incredibly neat!
For dinner we went to a tried and true favorite of ours, The Olde Pink House. For those of you that follow the blog you know we went here last time for a fancy dinner and fell in love. This time we requested to eat down in the cellar which is where the laundry room and kitchen used to be back when it was the home of the first governor of Georgia. It was incredibly romantic with candle lit tables, a roaring fireplace, and built in wine cellar. Per usual the food was incredible! I tried the pecan crusted chicken with a blackberry sauce with cheese grits (duh) and the hubs had some sort of fish (please see photo below). I thought it looked incredibly disgusting but he swears it's the best fish he'd ever had hands down! We also made our reservations about two weeks out on and requested to be seated in the basement. If you go during peak tourist season or on a holiday, I'd highly recommend doing this. It worked perfectly for us and we were seated right away at a reserved table! It's an awesome online service.

If you're thinking I look a little rough in this one, I had just
been walking around Savannah for 5 hours at 8.5 months pregnant ;)

The Fish
The trip was fantastic and we were able to squeeze in all our favorite things to do, including eating at Zunzi's for lunch, even though we only made a day trip out of the holiday. I hope everyone had a fantastic Valentines Day as well and was able to spend it with their loved ones!
In City Market
The Etheridges

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  1. Seriously you are so cute!! We are hoping to make a trip down to Savannah very soon!!!