Friday, July 29, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Ok, the title may be a little misleading since we are BARELY moved in and have yet to really make this new house our "home", but it's well on its way! We got to Del Rio on Wednesday, signed the lease, and began unloading the U-haul. Let me just say this, I honestly did not remember that we had this much stuff! When the movers arrived today with all our items from Colorado I was horrified and began scrambling to find "homes" for all the boxes and furniture! All in all though I think we are well on our way to getting everything in the right place and settling in! With all that said, things have been a little rough on me personally the past few days. I think all the emotional and physical stress of moving has really taken a toll on me and i've been missing my mamma a lot. This is the first move without her and it's been extra tough not having her here to help my settle in or to just call when I have a free moment to just hear her comforting voice on the other line. Despite having Mitchell and all the support surrounding me, it almost feels a little lonely. I'm hoping though, that once this place feels more like home and we get settled in these feelings will subside and things will get better :) Sorry for the sob story and here are some photos of the new house which I know some of you have been waiting to see...

Our First Home!

View from the front!

View from the back!

The living area! 

I'll post more pictures of the inside soon! Naturally we aren't even close to having everything finished and decorated, but when we do I will post some of those "after" photos as well!


  1. Your living room looks just like ours! Those HUGE windows are so hard to cover with curtains...haha! And I love the sliding doors out to the back yard! Definitely wish we had you guys have as many closets/storage as we do? I swear there are 2 closets in every room (including the kitchen) haha But the new house :)