Tuesday, July 26, 2011

On the Road Again

So we FINALLY made it to Texas! After spending the night in New Orleans with Mitchell's great aunt (which was wonderful) we headed out for our "new" state this morning bright and early! We said our goodbyes once we passed thorough Louisiana, which I was rather sad about since we were saying a sad farewell to the deep south. Thankfully we have had a rather uneventful trip and have only had a good bit of rain to contend with. We are planning on heading straight in to Del Rio tonight, getting there around 9 pm, so that Mitchell can check in early tomorrow morning before we head over to the housing office :) We are both so excited and rather nervous at the same time to see what awaits us. Although our expectations aren't to high when  it comes to the Del Rio area we are both really looking forward to getting settled into our new home and meeting some wonderful people at Laughlin! Here are some photos from the drive so far...

Winston was more than ready to head off to Texas :)

Mitchell and I love to start all of our road  trips with
 Chick Fil A for breakfast! It's the only way to go ;)

Along with not having pretty much
 EVERY restaurant that we like in Del Rio,
there won't be a Zaxby's anywhere in Texas, so we said
 our last goodbye to them for a while

The boat all packed up and ready for the move!!

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  1. Hugs to Winston (who looks cuter than cute). And you my friend :) So good to talk to you today!!