Thursday, July 21, 2011

Packing, Packing, and More Packing

So, Mitchell and I have spent the entire week so far packing away. It's been a bit of a madhouse around here and it never seems like we are going to get everything to fit inside the oh so tiny 6x12 U-Haul. Mitchell is rather skeptical, but I think we can pull it off ;) Those things seem to be bottomless pits! We have been running all over Macon and Atlanta getting last minute things that we can't get in Del Rio (meaning everything we might need for the next few months) and, as you'll see below, ENORMOUS bags of animal food since there aren't any specialty dog food stores near us. Mitchell insists on the good stuff for Winston and the kitty, which means no easy trips to Wal-Mart for that. The past few days have been VERY hectic to say to say the least and I know the next three days are going to be as well, before we head off to Texas on Monday. It is a stressful fun filled 20 hour drive  with a drama queen dog and an obese cat, meaning prayers for safe travels are always appreciated! We plan on arriving at Laughlin AFB on the 27th and moving into our NEW HOUSE (Eeeep, I'm so excited) that afternoon. We are both so so excited about heading off. The only bitter sweet thing is wishing that my mom was here to see us off and help us figure out all the mess that we still have left to pack! She was always the best at packing and moving! Anyways, here are a few photos to hold everyone over until we actually get on the road...

Our new washer!! I'm way way too excited about this!
I'll post more pictures of it once we get moved in :)

Obviously the kids are set to go in case of a
worldwide famine...

The MOUNDS of boxes...for my Harry Potter fans it
vaguely reminds me of the Room of Requirement
(nerd moment)


  1. Oh my gosh...looking at this is like SUCH de ja vu!! It gets better!!!!! The stress...ahem...I mean fun of moving will be eased as soon as you step through the doors of your NEW HOUSE :):) Praying for safe travels for you guys and the munchkins :)