Monday, October 17, 2011

A Little Bit of Paint Sure Does Wonders

I decided yesterday was as good as any to get to painting the scuffed and rather oddly painted side vanity table we have in the hall! So, I went out to Home Depot and picked out a color, thanks to the lovely advice of my sweet friend Nichole, and also picked up some knobs for the drawers at the last minute while I was walking to the register. Mitchell had been complaining for ages about not being able to open the drawers properly so I figured it was a little splurge he would be happy about (luckily they were only $4.50 each). I am beyond happy with the way it turned out! You would not even believe that it's the same table and it looks SO much better than that nasty pink and white :) Here are some before and afters....

Eww...that's the only word I can now
think of to describe this table as it was.

After! I went with a light grey with a
blue tint to it! It's from the Martha
Stewart line of paint naturally ;)

Yay for new knobs! These are Martha as well!
Ta Da! 100X better than before!

I also bought the cute little silver lantern at Ross yesterday which was a purchase I was rather proud of! It's also very nice to be able to open and use the drawers now. Note, I'm getting a better candle to go into the lantern, but I didn't have time to get to Wal-Mart to get one. All in all it only took me about 2 hours total to paint and cost only $24 including the knobs, even though I only really used 1/3 of the paint can and have plenty left over for other projects. 

Other than accomplishing this DIY project, which I'm very proud of myself for doing, I met up with an extended family member from Mitchell's side of the family! Mitchell's aunt has a niece that is engaged to another UPT student here at Laughlin and she was in town visiting for the weekend. They were so sweet and invited me to go to church with them in town and then we went out for lunch afterwards! It was so nice to meet some "new" family members and also get to try out a new church! I will be taking Mitchell back as soon as he gets home from IFS. Both of them were some of the sweetest people I've met and I truly wish them the best of luck as they head off to Charleston for their first assignment after UPT!

For those of you interested in his progress at IFS, he's currently still in the academic portion until tomorrow. He heads up in the air a little after 1 tomorrow afternoon, so any and all prayers are greatly appreciated :) He's not to stressed out at this point and just ready to get up in the plane and out of the classroom, which he's been holed up in since last week. Winston and I miss him tons but are already so very proud of the progress he's making. I'll be sure and give everyone an update as soon as his first week of flying is over!

That's all for now! I'm not done with the halloween lanterns I'm painting as I forgot to get some of the supplies, but I will post some photos once I'm done...promise :)


  1. Looks great Mary Ellen...

    Rick Stahurski

  2. I love it! You are doing such a great job :) I wish I was working on things in my house like you are. I still have no pictures in my frames that are already hung up....i should probably get on that. Haha. Maybe I need you to come inspire me! and some wine couldn't hurt either, right? ;)

    I am very impressed! Can't wait to see everything so soon.

  3. PS HoneyBee is Layne. Haha I just created a blog account....kind of. I'm just avoiding reading a 100 page case study.

  4. so cute! love that color. and i had never been to a ross until we moved to florida and there are definitely some cute finds there AND it's cheaper than TJ Maxx! and zane says hi to winston. :)