Monday, August 1, 2011

Redneck Yacht Club

Our first trip to the lake here in Del Rio!
Besides unpacking ALL week, and this weekend, we took Mitchell's boat out to the lake on Saturday to get a break from it all. We figured since his brother and dad were kind enough to head out this way with us and help us move in, it was the least we could do ;)  Now, we had heard fairly great things about Lake Amistad, which is only about 25 minutes from our front door. Upon arrival though I was rather shocked. I'm used to the beautiful trees and homes of Lake Oconee and Lake Gaston in NC, which Mitchell's grandparents live on. Instead, all you can see on the edge of the lake here is rock, rock, and more rock, with not a single home in sight! However, the lake is HUGE, and I mean MASSIVE!  Mitchell was super excited that we can actually just cruise on over to Mexico if we really wanted to even though he's not really allowed to since part of the lake is on the other side of the border. So all in all we are very thankful that we have at least some form of recreation here in Del Rio and are hoping to spend a good amount of time out there before Mitchell starts pilot training!

Baby Winston has been in a similar state the
 whole time we have been here...passed out!


  1. So jealous!! I was just telling Mark yesterday that it would be fun to have a boat! :-P

  2. That sounds fun!! Yeah be careful abt Mexico :) We had to go through
    so much to get to go to Cancun. We have GOT to get our boat down here :)