Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Better Late Than Never

Well this week has actually been rather eventful, shocking I know! School started on Monday and I think this semester it's actually a good thing that it did. It has managed to keep me super busy the past few days which helps keep my mind off of not having my mom around. I love my classes so far and am so thankful that they aren't going to be too stressful :) 

I also went to a social last night to check out the OSC (Officers Spouses Club). I had heard good and bad things about it, but was pleasantly surprised. I met some really great girls and had a blast talking and getting to know them better! I was amazed at how many women were there and I couldn't help but think, "where in the heck did all these people come from?". You literally never see ANYONE out and about here except for the men in uniform so I was shocked to see how many spouses there really were here at Laughlin. I think because of the heat people really do never leave their house. They don't go to the gym, they dont' go for walks, and they certainly don't do any type of activity that means they will be outside for more than 1.5 seconds total. I still haven't officially "joined" the OSC but am seriously considering it. They mainly have functions every month where the spouses can get together and they do volunteer work and fundraising for the local community and base. I also joined the Christmas Party Committee earlier this week (I know I thought it seemed a little early too be thinking about Christmas, but these ladies are serious about their committees here)!

 All in all it's been a pretty good week so far. Saturday is the first football game of the season (GO DAWGS) and Mitchell and I plan to spend the entire day getting ready for the game, aka cooking alllllll day, and watching the game from our home. We both wish we could head to Atlanta for the game, or at least get some Chick Fil A for it since it is being hosted by them, but we are just happy that it's being broadcasted here in Texas :) Sunday we are going out to Lake Amistad with some friends to celebrate Labor Day and get some sun which I'm really looking forward too since we didn't get to go out last weekend! Sorry to bore everyone with all the little details of my week so far but I'm just really excited to finally have something to report on!

On a side note here are some photos of master bath! We went to Wal-Mart this weekend and bought a nice "over the toilet" storage thing since we didn't have anywhere to put our things and it also made it feel a lot less bare! 

The cabinet made the bathroom SOOO much more homey,
that is, if a bathroom can be homey?

This side is still a little bare... I'm waiting on prints
from the photographer from our shoot to
put in the frame on the wall.

Some artwork that Mitchell got me for
Christmas last year! I think it's adorable
and a daily reminder to be optimistic
about each day ahead!

The second part of the art work in the bathroom :)

Finally, Mitchell and I decided that we are heading to Mississippi/Louisiana for the Ole Miss vs UGA game in September and couldn't be more excited to see family while we are there! It will be the only UGA game that we actually get to attend this year (sadly we can't go to any home games) and I'm really looking forward to seeing Oxford and spending some time with the "Louisiana Crowd" as we like to call them! That's really all for now, and thanks again for bearing with me through this exhaustively long post!


  1. I love this post! Glad school is starting and I hope you enjoy it greatly :) Also, I'm glad to read about the spouses' club :) I'm still debating on joining the one here and making hanging with the sup's wife a regular thing haha. Lastly, love the bathroom! So cute.

  2. You should go check it out! The permanent party here are really involved and really great women, so spending time with them is wonderful! The sup's wife seemed really nice when we met her at the Fiance's reception ;)

  3. I'm so happy to read this- I've been curious about our OSC. Does Laughlin have a student spouses group for pilot wives? Ours is pretty active here, its nice since its pretty much all younger women. Can't wait to see even more house pictures now that you're painting!