Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back To Civilization

First off, I'm sorry it's taken me so long to blog again! I would love to say it's because I've just been so busy that I haven't had time. However, it's more like I haven't done anything eventful enough in the past week or so to blog about! We were lucky enough to be able to get out of Del Rio (aka Mexico) and head up to San Antonio this past Saturday. Despite the scorching heat we actually had a really great time! The base here is pretty great about scheduling free transportation outside of Del Rio, so we took one of their sponsored trips and got to go up there for FREE! They dropped us off at the River Walk and we got to see The Alamo and also go to the River Center Mall, which I was most excited about! It was so nice to just get out of our little Podunk town and actually get near some civilization with good food and shopping! We ate at Casa Rio since my wonderful friend, and Texas native, Elyssa recommended it :) It was delicious and honestly it was just nice to get out of the heat for a bit! They also had a Mariachi Band, which I loved. There are also other really great, and more famous, restaurants like the Rainforest Cafe (an all time favorite of mine) and even a Hard Rock Cafe. We also had to visit the Life Is Good Store as it's one of Mitchell's favorites! After a long day we finally boarded the bus and headed back to good ole Del Rio. Sunday afternoon we helped volunteer at the church on base at the chapel fair and then took the boat out to Lake Amistad with some friends after lunch. All in all it was a really fun and eventful weekend, something we aren't really used to here in Del Rio. Here are some pictures we took while in San Antonio...

Outside The Alamo! It was a lot smaller than
we were expecting, but still really neat!

The yard around The Alamo was beautiful! 

On the River Walk

They really love Davy Crockett around here

Outside of Casa Rio where we ate dinner!

On another note, I went and saw "The Help" yesterday! I was really excited that some of the ladies on base put a private showing together since it was going to only be in Del Rio for one week and I knew Mitchell wouldn't be too thrilled about being dragged to see it. I had read the book and it was amazing, and I was pleasantly surprised that even though the movie wasn't exactly like the book it was still really good! The acting was wonderful, even though I thought some of the southern accents were a little off, or not quite strong enough, for the movie being set in Jackson, Mississippi during the Civil Rights Movement. I would highly recommend it to anyone though and would also recommend reading the book as well! I personally love any book about the south, but I think it's a book that anyone would enjoy as it's well written and has a great plot.

I'm also heading to a spouses social tonight that's being hosted on base which I'm really looking forward too! We are going to be able to get a few golfing tips from the pro here on base and have some wine and cheese afterwards. I'm horrible at golf, but it will be nice to have something to do while Mitchell is at work and also meet up with a few girls that I've met over the past few weeks! Mitchell and I went to church last week here on base and weren't exactly in love with it sadly. It was a little too traditional for our tastes. We are going to try and head to a church off base this coming Sunday, so hopefully that will go a little better! We're both anxious to find a church that we fit in with around here. That's all for now!

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