Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Home Is Where The Heart Is

For all of you who have been waiting oh so patiently for more pictures of the house, today is your lucky day :) Although I'm personally not very satisfied with the guest bathroom at this point (it seems VERY bare and boring if you ask me) I thought I might as well go ahead and post some photos. I'm hoping to slap some paint on the walls in this room at some point and definitely get a new rug for the floor. Anyways, here you go....

These bare white walls are killing me

The shower room that connects the master
bath and the guest bath

One of my favorite decorative items
we bought before we left Macon

All in all this week has been rather uneventful for Mitchell and I. He started his casual job today and is finally done with in-processing. I went to the Newcomers Coffee Orientation on Monday, and it went pretty well. It was a bit of an emotional roller coaster for me, especially when the conversation steered towards "when mom's visit". It was hard knowing that my mom will never in fact come visit me. I always get super nervous when meeting new people so that also took an emotional toll on me. So far it's still been really hard for me to meet people here, but again, I'm hoping that with time and a lot of prayer I'll be able to find at least one good friend here at Laughlin :) On another note, our child (aka Winston) decided he wanted to take a stroll OUTSIDE of the yard today. Yes, he ran away. Mitchell left the back gate open when he was changing out the sprinkler early this morning and Winston decided he would take advantage off his new found freedom. After frantically driving all over the neighborhood and only thinking the worst, here he came literally flying down the street about 30 minutes later! I have never been so scared in my life, but I was so relieved that he was ok. Lets just say that both the hubs and I will be checking to make sure the gate is securely closed every time we let him out!

After finding Winston, he immediately passed
out on the floor. Poor guy was
tuckered out from running away ;)


  1. Mary Ellen you are in my prayers everyday. I pray that you and Mitchell will have a successful career together and that God will continue to comfort you in your loss.

  2. Daniel said Winston was headed for Mexico ;) I am happy you found your runaway. I think the bathroom is cute and I LOVE the wall hanging.

  3. I read this post after I wrote you back on I thought of a few more things to say...surprising, I know. We have a bible verse hanging in our bathroom that is similar to that one! Those are some of my favorite wedding gifts. I love seeing them around the really can't go wrong where you put them. And secondly, I'm praying hard for you everyday! I can't imagine the struggles of going through such an exciting time without your mom. But I'm so glad you have such a great husband and you guys are starting your own little family (with a rebel child I see)! haha I get wrapped up in being so excited for all the good things that I forget how hard it must be for you. But constant prayers are headed your way from our family to yours :)