Friday, August 26, 2011

Pretty Pretty Pictures

As many of you know we had to throw our wedding together in time span of about 24 hours due to my sweet mother's passing. Because of this, we didn't get to use really any of our vendors that I had worked tirelessly with for over a year. The one vendor that I was most disappointed about not working with was our photographer Heidi from Our Labor of Love, who was based out of Atlanta and couldn't make it to Macon on such short notice. However, being the sweet and wonderful person that she is, she volunteered to do a "post-wedding" photo shoot with us after the honeymoon so we could still get some lovely shots from her! So two weeks after we returned from our honeymoon we headed up to Atlanta and did a wonderful photo shoot with her in some nifty modern lofts! I'm not going to lie, as wonderful and heartfelt as our wedding was it was still surrounded by the loss of my mother, and as much as Mitchell and I both wanted to enjoy the day as much as possible it was still a very physically and emotionally hard day for us both. This photo shoot really allowed us to re-invent the day by dressing back up in our wedding day attire and we really got to relish in the fact that we were finally, actually, and really married :) It was just the two of us laughing and enjoying ourselves for the first time in weeks and it was truly something special. Anyways, enough of my babbling, here are some of the photos from the shoot. I'll post more of them on Facebook later and if you follow my hyperlink above and scroll down you will see Heidi's post on her blog with more photos...

One of my favorites! Signifies two very
special days, Mitchell's graduation and our wedding :)

Our wedding suite including our
Save the Date on bottom right :)

Wedding bands!

I think he's pretty darn cute ;)
There aren't really any life updates for this week. Wine and Tees was a ton of fun on Tuesday (the spouses social)  and it was just really nice to get out of the house for a little bit! Mitchell and I have started a new lifestyle food wise I guess you could say. After eating fried and greasy food for 3 months straight while at home, and abroad on our honeymoon, we noticed our tummies getting a little wider and that we just weren't feeling all that great in general. Therefore, we decided to try and eat a little healthier and get on a pretty strict workout plan. After a trip to GNC while in San Antonio last weekend and ridding our house of most of the "bad" food we started eating better and working out pretty much every day! I'm hoping this new kick we are on really does continue to last! Although it means eating fat free and cutting most sweets out of my diet I think in the long run I'll be happy with the results ;) Mitchell found me this workout plan by Jaime Eason and I love it so far! It's pretty intense but I can already feel the results! As far as the weekend goes we don't really have too much planned, mainly just hanging out at home and maybe heading out to the lake! I'm hoping that we can also make a trip to get some paint for the house! That's all for now :)

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