Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Tummies

Since we don't really have any great restaurants in Del Rio (and we never really leave base) we have been cooking A LOT at home. Personally, I love it! I had gotten sick of eating out all summer and am more than happy to eat and cook at home! That being said, I have been bored out of my mind since we got here which has led me to do a large amount of baking and cooking when Mitchell is off working every day from 7 to 7.  Last week I made chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream from scratch, and if I do say so myself it was simply amazing. If you've never had homemade ice cream (like me) then I highly suggest going out and getting an ice cream maker and making your own. You won't regret it! I even made the cookie dough batter from scratch, which was super easy and delicious all on it's own!

Mitchell ordered the Ben and Jerry's cookbook from Amazon
earlier this summer! I highly recommend it for those of you that
want to make your own ice cream at home :)

Mitchell helped a ton a little when he came home
on his lunch break

Mixing the cream! Yummmmmm
Other than making ice cream last week I also made some Red Velvet Chocolate Cake Balls. These have always been one of my favorites and I hadn't made them in a while, so I thought why not?! The bad part is, I usually have to end up eating them myself or giving half of them away since Mitchell doesn't eat red velvet OR chocolate (I know, he's a little odd if you ask me, I mean who doesn't like chocolate?). Mitchell also cooked up some burgers on Saturday night and added some new ingredients. He put some uncooked bacon in the patties before grilling them, and it was delicious!! The bacon cooks while it's in the burger on the grill and makes for a scrumptious meal :)

Best burger we've made to date! We also put
shredded cheese in the ground beef
before making the patties and then topped
them off with a fried egg.

To say the least, we have done a lot of eating this past week. Tonight I'm trying a new recipe, I know scary, for chicken lasagna that I found on Pintrest. I'm really excited about it since we rarely try new things :) It's hard finding things that are yummy and fit into Mitchell's limited pallet; meat and cheese only. Off the topic of food, this past week was rather uneventful. We are still trying to get the house in order and spending a lot of time cleaning the house and spending quality time with one another. I went to another spouses social on Thursday which was a scrap booking class. It was fun and I met another girl that seemed rather nice! Meeting people has still been pretty hard. It seems most people here aren't very interested in making new friends. I'm hoping that once Mitchell starts UPT though that we will be able to find a group of friends that we fit in with :)  Mitchell started his casual job (meaning his job until he starts pilot training) this past week. He's not ecstatic about it as it's 10 hour days, when most of this friends either didn't get assigned a job at all or only work 4-6 hours a week total. He pretty much sits in an office and is a glorified secretary for one of the colonel's on base. Sounds like a total blast doesn't it?! However, he does get to come home for an hour each day for lunch since we live on base which is wonderful! This weekend we are going to San Antonio on a base sponsored trip to the River Walk and surrounding area! I'm really really really looking forward to it and will certainly make a post about that next week! That's all for now!


  1. We'll be in San Antonio this weekend, too! Maybe we'll run into each other! :)

  2. Hey have fun in SA!!! Let me know how it is! I'm super jealous of your grill(z) ;)