Sunday, August 7, 2011

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Well, we were intending on going to the chapel on base today, however, I woke up pretty sick this morning. Therefore, we ended up spending the entire day cooped up at home minus the trip to Wal Mart for medicine :( I was really looking forward to meeting some people at church this morning, so that was rather disappointing. So far it's been really rough trying to meet people here in Del Rio compared to some of my other friends at other pilot training bases. I'm hoping though that, as the weeks go on I'll meet some people and things will get easier here. I'm going to a welcome coffee tomorrow which sounds promising, so I'll get back to everyone on updates on how that goes soon! On another note, my lovely friend Christina introduced me to this AMAZING website this week called "Pintrest"and let me just say, I'm in love! This website has some awesome design ideas that I'm head over heels for! I've yet to explore the recipe portion of the website, but I've heard it's pretty great as well! If you love this kind of stuff this site is quite a find! Here are some of my personal favorites from the site....

I love this idea for get togethers! 

These handkerchief curtains are to die for!
 I also love the kitchen table.

Great way to display pictures!

I love this color scheme!

I will post more pictures of the house later this week (I know, I'm really slacking in that department)! We finally cleaned out the "we don't know what to do with this junk" room that we stuffed everything in, so now that we have gone through everything and it's in it's place pictures will be coming soon!

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